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Welcome to the webpage for the project "Called as Friends." Click on the names below to learn more about the worship leaders on this project, and click the site's links to watch video and learn about the concept of this project.

"Called as Friends" is now available for online purchase. You can now purchase the CD at - it will be available on itunes, etc., soon.

We hope you enjoy the site, and learning more about this project.

Meet the worship leaders:

Joel Bidderman

My name is Joel Bidderman. I'm a husband, a missionary to the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Arizona, a singer/songwriter, worship leader, intercessor, and lover of God.

I've been leading worship for over 12 years, and I have been writing music since I first picked up a guitar in my teens. I have a technical degree in sound engineering that I got so that I can create projects like this one. I ministered on staff at the International House of Prayer in Atlanta, GA, (with my awesome wife) for three years and am absolutely gripped with by the fact that God not only takes interest in little ol' me, but delights in me and desires for me to co-labor with Him in loving the world. For me, that's a large part of what this project is about.

Bob Mabry and Bruce Goode have been friends and mentors to me for years, and I have always been encouraged by their humble example, both in their personal lives and on stage leading worship. Not only that, but I also feel that their song lyrics and worship leading styles are reflective of their personalities and passion for the Lord. While this project was a year's journey (being pieced together here and there), it has been a labor of love for me to be able to spend time with Bob and Bruce (as well as an awesome crew of musician friends) and to work on their music - which are really reflections of the messages that God is speaking in and through their lives.

Bob Mabry

My name is Bob Mabry. I’m a Southern Californian (born and raised in Long Beach, CA.) but my family and I have been blessed with the opportunity to live and do ministry in some amazing places such as the White Mountains of AZ and the white beaches of Honolulu HI (following Jesus has its advantages :-)

My music has been shaped primarily through leading worship in local churches. Initially in homes, home groups, and house church settings. That is still my favorite place to lead although I have had the privilege of leading at conferences and larger venues… there still is nothing better than a smaller group of friends who love Jesus pouring their hearts and songs out to the Lord and sensing His pleasure in meeting with us. My hope and prayer is that this compilation of songs from Bruce, Joel and I (and our amazing musical friends) will refresh you and enhance your worship experience with the source of our hope and the one who calls us together as friends… Jesus Christ.

Bruce Goode

My name is Bruce Goode. My wife, Lois, and I are worship leaders at Grace Church in Show Low Arizona. I'm a long time resident of the White Mountains; I've lived here and taught school on the White Mountain Apache Reservation for the past 19 years. It was 19 years ago that I walked into a church worship service in Show Low, AZ and was immediately struck by the freedom of the worship and the presence of God.  The worship leader was a guy named Bob Mabry- and the worship was loud (youth sunday) but the spirit was quiet and intimate.  Experiencing the presence of God together with a church full of diverse people was new.  It is still new, and I am still drawn into the powerful way that God can touch us and communicate with us through music and a humble heart.

It is a great honor for me to participate in this project and add one more voice to the joyful noise.  Bob and Joel, Thanks for letting me ride on your coattails, and thanks Joel, for your quiet encouragement to write songs.